Wordless Wednesday

Pic taken by me at the Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy (il Colosseo). Advertisements


Our hearts beat for one another While simultaneously being torn apart.   Pic taken by me in Park Slope, Brooklyn


Possibilities; the sunrise is a blessing. Glittering rays kiss my face, the possibilities of a new day; An awakening Thankful for this moment, a peaceful calm only nature can offer Soothing sounds of waves rolling onto the shore, Set intentions Oh, the difference each day makes A new liberation as the sun warms all in…


A new neighborhood where my new home is where I live my new life with my old brain that stores memories of a life that can’t be escaped Evershifting, which version of myself will I be today? pulling on pieces, arranging them to fit the narrative I wish to create for myself Relocate, keeping yourself…

Phenomenal Beauty

A rainbow, so seemingly simple, yet complex A beautiful display of science above us, a natural work of art Sun rays, water droplets, light refraction, reflection Standing proudly, stretching yonder for all to see Radiant, amazing in its own right In ideal conditions, a double rainbow is visible A spectacular sight becomes magnified; The rainbows…

Broken Boys

They leave messy trails behind them, physically and emotionally; the boys who break hearts The empty love that wafted so effortlessly off their lips and into the mouths of the unassuming; they whispered reassurances during moments of weakness, only to break said promises later Their actions show that their words carried no weight They lash out…


Summer reminds me of my youth; chasing fireflies, being fearless, picking up insects, turning over rocks, playing in the dirt Blissfully ignorant Ocean water dances on my body, heat radiates off the concrete, jungle gyms and sprinklers are my best friends Time flies and I’m awash with nostalgia I’ve lived a life already childhood seems…


The lies, you drank them like fine wine; they intoxicated your spirit, you danced in the madness The whispers of sweet nothings, that’s all you have to hold on to but you hold them dear to your heart. Pic taken by me, a summer night in Miami, FL.


It’s November and slightly warm but there’s a gentle breeze; the scent of fall dances into my nostrils carrying with it a feeling of freshness, a peaceful transition, death but so tranquil and pleasant.


we were broken before we even know what it meant.   Pic taken by me at Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

Don’t lose us

subconsciously you know we both have the propensity to slip through each other’s fingers and fall into the tempestuous abyss of our reality   Pic taken by me: Vatican Museum, Vatican City – Rome, Italy