Support Systems

We all need a support system. Sometimes we’re down and need to be alone, sometimes we’re down and need support of those near and dear to us; the ones who care about our well being, our mental states, the ones who may not always agree with what we do, but are there to listen to…

Central Park, My Playground

A young girl from Queens, Central Park was my playground. E, F, and R trains, with direct routes to Midtown, placing you at the entrance or within walking distance. Climbing up and down the monstrous rocks and boulders, quite a feat for a child- Rollerblading on the paved park streets of concrete, swerving in and…

Flooded Waters

It was too easy; the lies rolled off your tongue like flooded waters. Something once peaceful and refreshing now a messy nuisance. The water expands, the salt corrodes, everything is damaged in its wake.

Be Kind to Yourself

Some days, I’m not even fully sure what the human experience is supposed to be like. Why are we blessed with these brains that don’t serve us to our higher potential?Sometimes I misspeak words, overthink things, get distracted, criticize myself, worry, stress, complicate things, forget. But I have to stay motivated, keep myself focused and…


Thank you for being you, for unknowingly being a muse, for cracking through my somewhat tough exterior. Thank you for believing in me, for encouraging me to be more active about things I was passive about. I’m still a work in progress, sometimes I fall off, but I think about what you’d say to me…

A Summer Storm

An ombré of yellow into grey, lightning bolts pierce the sky. Flashes of light, heavy water droplets thrown from the heavens, clouds clash and the grounds rumble. It’s a summer storm, one of the best kinds.   Pic taken by me, Brooklyn New York

The Haze

It was thick and opaque like fog rolling in overnight. A silent killer, eating me away inside; I didn’t even realize – My heart was hardening. Mind always racing, pacing, thinking. A paralyzing anxiety.