Daily Prompt: Disappear

Daily Prompt: Disappear

A wolf in sheep’s clothing,
that’s what he was.
Every now and then you questioned his sincerity,
claiming to be soft and tender like the sheep,
yet he stepped on you with paws,
paws that encased talons which ripped your heart to shreds.

When aggravated or displeased,
he gnarled like an angry wolf,
ready to pounce and assert dominance.
Willing to taste your blood on his tongue
Not simply a malcontent sheep,
a completely different animal.

One day you were bold enough-
out of your own act of bravery,
you reached for him –
already accepting the possible consequences of this action.

In a moment’s notice,
you pulled off his cloak,
unsheathed his identity.
He recoiled in cowardice,
ugliness exposed,
All that he ever meant to you instantly disappeared.

Pic taken by me at Queens County Farm.

via Daily Prompt: Disappear


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