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Support Systems

Support Systems, ApplesandadventuresblogWe all need a support system.
Sometimes we’re down and need to be alone,
sometimes we’re down and need support of those near and dear to us;
the ones who care about our well being,
our mental states,
the ones who may not always agree with what we do,
but are there to listen to the troubles that keep us up at night.

Even if they give you advice that you don’t take,
they’re still there for you,
because that’s what friends do.
They’re there for the good and the bad;
even if you end up making poor decisions,
they will be there because they love you;
they respect that your life is yours to live,
they understand their own shortcomings
and stay around to see you make it to the other side,
to help congratulate you when you do overcome it all
and you’re ever so thankful that they didn’t give up on you,
just because you live your lives differently.


Pic taken by me in Crown Heights, Brooklyn


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