Do Not Enter

Bombarded by negative thoughts, a war zone inside my head. Bombs go off, stand tall like a soldier, I want to fall down and cry. Advertisements


It’s like, old money versus new money.    


Beware of unclear boundaries and unspoken expectations. Pic shot by me in Financial District, NYC.

It Will Be Okay

Sometimes I wonder, Do I take enough time to pause? To think? Maybe I continuously repress less desirable feelings. Coasting on autopilot, and acting like I’m unbothered. I’ll allow myself to think that everything will be okay, it will all work itself out. And maybe if I believe it enough, it will be true.   Pic…

Selfish Love

A relationship extended beyond its expiration date, because they lacked the courage to leave, to walk away from that which was unfulfilling. Compromising contentment and peace for “comfort”, “stability,” because they invested so much time. Never mind the instability, the pain inflicted upon one another. What was thought to be “love,” was only selfishness. Then…

NYC Summer

Inescapable heat intensified by concrete and steel Throngs of people crowd the streets, dirt envelops all surfaces, the scent of rancid garbage permeates the air. But the rain is beautiful on a steamy day, the petrichor is to behold and relief has washed over my body.    Pic taken by me at The Brooklyn Barge,…

In the Present

Slaves to time, a concept that dictates our lives Getting things done while waiting for it to pass, so we can overcome certain feelings, and look forward to pleasantries We anticipate events, outcomes; self-induced anxiety We live as if time really is a linear concept But what is time really? How do you define it?…


When was there a time that we spent together, where we weren’t being tormented by our demons.   Pic Taken by me in the Vatican Museum, Rome, Italy (Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden)

Path of Least Resistance

Nature, the world’s organic symphony Take some time to listen – Hear the trees sway, sometimes they whisper in a light breeze or howl like the lone wolf on a windy night Birds remind us that wildlife lives among us, chirping, calling out to one another in a foreign language Serving as a background soundtrack…


It’s often you that I think about before I lay my eyes to rest; As the moon bathes me in the light of its glory and the breeze gently grazes my body I drift away into the land of my subconscious In the middle of the night, surrounded by pillows, I’ve recreated the feeling of…


A wise man once told me, you have to make time to do the things that make you happy. It almost seemed too easy – and so it was. I made the time.   Pic taken by me, Coronado Island, San Diego.


Our hearts beat for one another While simultaneously being torn apart.   Pic taken by me in Park Slope, Brooklyn