Beware of unclear boundaries and unspoken expectations. Pic shot by me in Financial District, NYC. Advertisements

Selfish Love

A relationship extended beyond its expiration date, because they lacked the courage to leave, to walk away from that which was unfulfilling. Compromising contentment and peace for “comfort”, “stability,” because they invested so much time. Never mind the instability, the pain inflicted upon one another. What was thought to be “love,” was only selfishness. Then…


It’s often you that I think about before I lay my eyes to rest; As the moon bathes me in the light of its glory and the breeze gently grazes my body I drift away into the land of my subconscious In the middle of the night, surrounded by pillows, I’ve recreated the feeling of…


Our hearts beat for one another While simultaneously being torn apart.   Pic taken by me in Park Slope, Brooklyn

What Happened?

Now all you have is the silence The unspoken words float through the air, a suffocating thickness We disregard each other as if we weren’t just completely intertwined under the moonlit stars As if we didn’t just lay our souls bare for each other to witness As if we didn’t lay our chests on one…