The Burden

Leave when there’s nothing left to lose. Eventually, you’ll lose your sanity. The weight of the lies and┬ámanipulation, burdens your conscious like heavy snowfall on tree branches.


It’s like, old money versus new money.    


A new neighborhood where my new home is where I live my new life with my old brain that stores memories of a life that can’t be escaped Evershifting, which version of myself will I be today? pulling on pieces, arranging them to fit the narrative I wish to create for myself Relocate, keeping yourself…

Baltimore: Where to Eat, Stay, and Visit

Good Eats in Baltimore Miss Shirley’s Cafe and the Local Oyster: Miss Shirley’s Cafe – OK, so, I tried to get brunch here on a weekend morning and it didn’t happen. Miss Shirley’s is definitely the go-to brunch spot at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. After heading to the restaurant on a Sunday or Saturday morning,…